The cryptocurrencies enjoyed a great popularity in recent weeks, and the entire market is worth over $ 200 billion. In daily analyses, we will look at the most popular currencies and the occasional opportunities you can use when trading on the Polish BitBay.

A very strong bearish engulfing candle additionally deepening the range of the last correction, which pushed the price to 3k $. Weekly candle with increased volume, to observe the level of $ 6650 resulting from 50% of its range.

The positive aspect is the candle high at $ 314.18, but eventually the quotes have been pulled back to consolidation. The upper wick may worry. Increased trading volume.

From the point of view for weekly players on the ripple, every attempt to go up in the last 3 weeks ended with fiasco, price like the boomerang returns to equilibrium. From the bottom we have a a strong support zone at 0.146-0.155.

DASH gained the most last week, and yesterday it was worth almost $ 600 after growing from $ 300 a day earlier. A textbook example of a rally after a long correction.Today the price lost already half of the Sunday growth.

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