The popularity of cryptocurrencies has been unflagging in recent weeks, the entire market is worth over USD 500 billion. In daily analyses, we will look at the most popular currencies and you can use the opportunities that occur by trading on the Polish BitBay exchange.


Recently, I mentioned Dash when it was traded over 1200 dollars, then from the top the coin was capped by strong resistance zone, which could not be broken, which resulted in a decline to the bottom line of the triangle. In the end, the stock prices went down and during the two bearish sessions, the level of $ 650 as 1-month bottom was set.
Since then, the price has responded with a small rebound, to the broken region, which now served as a resistance.

DASH D1 from Tradingview

At yesterday’s session, the sellers took over the market by bringing the price down to $ 800. If the top of the formation is broken and closing will be above 950, the road to $ 1250 will be re-opened, but as long as the rate remains in the yesterday’s range, the $ 650 test is more likely.

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