In today’s analyses of cryptocurrencies, we will look at the charts of the five largest in terms of capitalization crypto-coins. At the moment (as of 10:40, December 15) they are in the ascending order of Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Ethereum and Bitcoin.

The vast majority of them were in the last sessions at record highs, despite this, we will try to identify potential support and resistance levels.

Litecoin – consolidation in the range of almost $ 100

After drawing ATH just above the level of 340 USD, the LTCUSD quotations on the Bitstamp stock exchange are correcting the next session in a row, testing the level of USD 250 in a form of a bullish pin bar. Breaking the current consolidation thru the bottom and its test from the other side will mean a chance for a bigger correction. Until this happens, however, it is worth considering investing in rebounds from the consolidation ranges:

Bitcoin Cash – an attempt to return over USD 2,000

During the Thursday session, BCH tried to return to the level of 2 thousand dollars, which was tested in the first half of November. The breakdown turned out to be ineffective and the psychological ceiling still serves as a resistance. On the way, we can also set a smaller, short-term resistance at 1777.00.

From the southern side, quotations can count on the support of the trend line and the green demand zone around 1200.00.

Ripple – capitalization record and historical maximum

We have already written about XRPUSD quotations in an earlier article informing about the new ATH. Currently, the currency has the third largest capitalization on the cryptocurrency market, and the last re-tests zone 0.70-0.65 suggest that Ripple feels quite good at new levels. To talk about further growth it will be necessary to overcome the resistance of 0.8600.

Ethereum – a safe haven for the cryptocurrency market?

ETH is one of the currencies that has given impulse to the entire digital token market in recent days, helping it set a record-breaking total of over $ 500 billion. Increasingly, Ethereum is called a safe haven for the world of cryptographic tokens. After two days of attempts to overcome the level of 700.00, the cryptocoin correct and the first more important level of support (apart from the round levels playing a psychological role), we can identify only at 520.00 or even lower, at 480.00 (resistance blocked the ETH price for several sessions).

Bitcoin – new ATH just established?

At the time of preparation of the above text, BTC/USD quotations on the Luxembourg Bitstamp exchange just after 11:00 o’clock have beaten the previous ATH drawn on December 12th. The price at this moment is over USD 17500.00. By the end of the session, however, there is still a lot of time and as a rule, no open candles are analyzed, so there is still a few days consolidation in the $ 1,500 range in the game:

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