After dynamic moves which we could observe on dash quotations, last days keep the price in consolidation which top barrier located in 940 USD area, and it is also historical high. It is worth to note 800 USD area, where is conection beetwen mentioned round level and strong support. Therefore mentioned level seems to be suitable to join to upwart trend.

Picture 1. Technical analysis,dash,H1,15.12.2017

Breakout of descriptioned 800 USD level does not give too many options for bears becouse of 760 USD significant level nearness, confirmed also by geometry 100% form M30 timeframe.

Picture 2. Technical analysis,dash,M30,15.12.2017

Realization of upward scenario propably will mean breakout of last historical maksimum and hit a new one at least close to 1000 USD for one dash.

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