DBOT ATS LLC makes capital raising and trading simply with an all-in-one system that supports a multi-tenant issuing portal, secondary trading, and a blockchain ledger. The first to market solution reduces transaction cost and settlement time compared to current portals for crowdfunded equities issued under Regulation A+.

Historically, investing in a crowdfunded early stage company meant holding the security for a long amount of time because of the inherent lack of liquidity in those securities and the difficulty in transferring ownership. By combining issuance and secondary market and offering a hybrid of physical paper with blockchain-based smart-contract tokens, DBOT ATS has made a significant improvement in the investment process with a frictionless path from initial investment to liquidation and settlement of the transaction.

DBOT ATS Portal offers companies a simple process to raise capital. A company would just register and step through a template to create a tokenized security deal either using Regulation D, A+ or CF and once approve they are ready to accept new investments online. Investors can browse new deals on the website, request access to a deal and then fund an account either with cryptocurrencies or cash to pledge an investment. Shares offered through Reg A+ are traditionally eligible for resale by investors in the secondary market upon completion of an offering.

“This is a great achievement for DBOT ATS and a major step forward for the crowdfunding industry,” says Shawn Sloves board member of the Delaware Board of Trade holding company (http://www.dbottrading.com) and CEO of Fundamental Interactions (http://www.finteractions.com). “The system being blockchain based signifies the start of the fusion of traditional and decentralized markets in a regulated entity, where securitized tokens become a reality for secondary trading.”

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