At the time when one of the largest cryptocoins exchanges in Japan, CoinCheck, announced the suspension of payments from customers’ accounts, several major tokens recorded a strong sell-off. NEM (-18%), Ripple (-11%) and Bitcoin (-5.5%) lost the most.

“Investors and traders are extremely sensitive to any information regarding large stock exchanges. As we can see from the example of Coincheck, this caused an immediate sale, “comments Peter Sin, from the cryptocurrency company ACCESS.

Coincheck is a popular Japanese stock exchange, which in 2017 was in the lead in terms of generated volumes. Information about the suspension of all payments appeared before 9:00 am on the official Twitter of the institution:

The above entry shows that all payments from the trading platform are currently blocked (from JPY inclusive). In another Twitter communication, we read that the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies other than BTC has also been suspended.

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