Glosfer, a Seoul-based blockchain company, signed a contract with Lapurema Holdings to jointly improve Bitstation, Lapurema’s cryptocurrency exchange in Japan. Mojuran Group, another Japanese partner of Gloser, contributed to establishing the business partnership between Glosfer and Lapurema Holding.

 Lapurema Holdings is a FinTech company in Japan, which develops and distributes platforms for P2P games, as well as its interests in blockchain and its cryptocurrency exchange. The company is developing a blockchain technology-based lottery system in Laos and is partnering with a large payment company in Rwanda to explore the cryptocurrency business further.

“Under the deal, we will provide our technology and know-how of operating exchanges to Lapurema Holdings, so that it can improve the service quality of its Japanese cryptocurrency exchange and expand its market share,” said Taewon Kim, CEO of Glosfer. “This will also help us increase revenues in international markets as Glosfer’s expertise in operating exchanges will be recognized both at home and abroad.”

Masakaju Utsunomiya, CEO of Lapurema Holdings, said, “With Glosfer’s technology, we can upgrade our cryptocurrency exchange, increase our market share in Japan and make profits, which will benefit both parties. We are excited to improve our service.”

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