As the, we come out to You with unique proposal.

From now on in the comments below certain entry You can post the names and links to commercial robots (automatic strategies/EA) and tools for trading, which You can be interested in, but would rather receive the reliable information if they really works before You actually purchase them. We, especially for You, will contact with the developer of certain tool and, if possible, we will try to get the copy for us to test and ensure if the tools is really working accordingly as it is advertised.If the backtests of the tools come out positively, then we will put certain robot on our VPS and we will inform you about the results everyweek.


By this way, You can test the robot which normally You would have to pay upfront without testing.


However, it is not all. If all tests will go well, we will try to negociate the reduction in payment for You so You can purchase certain tool at the lowest price possible.


You write about the tool, then we test it for You to get it cheaper! This is the unique service available only on, especially for You – our readers.


Feel invited to leave comments!

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