Welcome to the night trip 🙂


Today we had very small variation on currency pairs. The most important things it is the fact of approaching rate GBP / USD to trend line and important support, which the motion correction can bring back to growth. To the total test of support missing only 70 pips, so we should to wait and watch.


NZD / USD – very strong declines stopped at the first of the support levels, there is no signal the finished of a downward correction yet, and a little further down we have the next important support , which has also been frequently tested. After such a strong decline must appear equally strong and clear signal reversal to be able to take a long position, consistent with the broader trend.

EUR / NZD – exchange rate is approaching an important resistance, which define the last two holes. The trend is clearly downward and worth watching a currency pair in the area of resistance and join the trend after signal growth, what promises finish of the correction.

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