Welcome to the night trip 🙂


EUR/USD on the daily chart increases, so that at W1, we have the second pin bar in a row. There are not a great candle, but at this level may suggest a willingness to support an adjustment exists.


GBP/USD – this time a typical range overbalance correction according to the method did not work. This may mean either the end of a trend, or at least a further decline in the support zone and at the same time the level of the previous hole. In my opinion, until the fall of this support could mean the end of an uptrend.


EUR/JPY – you can see the desire to correction. Demand defended this support, which based on the previous hole and as a result we have a candle pin bar. This is even better than on the EUR/USD you can see the possibility of upward correction.


AUD/JPY – one of today’s pin bar also includes on the Australian dollar. This candle, which breached the support may suggest increases in the coming week. Price moving sideways from support to resistance.


NZD / JPY – a tandem situation as on the previous currency pair, the pin bar on support and price was test the previous hole. The broader trend is upward, so the finish of the decline may be near.

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