The popularity of cryptocurrencies has been unflagging in recent weeks, the entire market is worth over USD 500 billion. In daily analyses, we will look at the most popular currencies and you can use the opportunities that occur by trading on the Polish BitBay exchange.


I wrote about this cryptocurrency in the middle of December, when for one unit we had to pay nearly $ 5, this gigantic increase was already over and we were witnessing a panic sell of. Eventually the declines slowed down in region of 3.5-4 dollars. Recently we saw a breakout from this region to $ 2, but all the time the range of fluctuations takes place inside the candle from December 22.

On the graph we can draw a harmonic formation – butterfly with a reaction point D 161.8% where the price reacted quite accurately by shifting from 2 to 3 dollars.Now we see “tug of war” with an indication of growth to point C of the formation, over 4 dollars.

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