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What’s with this silly tradition anyway? Changing the clock by one hour twice a year. Lately, it seems that whenever we’re gaining an hour everybody loves this system, but when we lose the hour then people come out with all the arguments in favor of scrapping this tradition.
What gets me is that every country does the switch on different days making it very difficult to organize anything overseas.
Well, it seems that by now everybody is back on the page except for our clients down under, so let’s get back to business.
Today’s Highlights
Trump Inspired Bull Run
Please note: All data, figures & graphs below are valid as of March 27th. All trading carries risk. Only risk capital you can afford to lose.
Market Overview
You can’t make this stuff up. Two weeks ago the markets were on one of the strongest bull runs in history all in the name of Donald Trump and how marvelous he was gonna be for businesses. Today, the very thing that had investors so excited is now putting the fear into them.
Trump’s failure to produce a swift and coherent alternative to Obamacare is putting the fear back into the stocks.
European and US indices ended last week on a sour note and Asian markets today are looking like they got the horns.
The US Dollar opened the week with a significant gap down. It’s been falling ever since the rate hike two weeks ago…
On the other hand, Gold is gaining both from the weaker buck and from the Trump induced uncertainty…
The Bitcoin community seems like it may have settled on a solution for it’s problems, they’re calling it a hard fork. There is an excellent explanation about how and why they’re considering this on the eToro blog, written by a special guest contributor,  Zach Chester. Please click here to see the post.
In the meantime, it is very clear that alternative investors are not thrilled about the painful process ahead and are shying away from digital gold in favor of other alternative currencies like Ethereum.
Here we can see BTC against ETH from the time that Ether was added to eToro.
What Else?
The economic calendar is pretty light this week and with everything going on in Washington DC that’s probably a good thing.
Brexit is scheduled for Wednesday. Theresa May is planning on triggering Article 50, which is not expected to have a great impact on the markets but you never know.
Keep your eyes open for breaking news or headlines on any of the ongoing stories that are currently being played out on the global stage.
As always, keep up the excellent feedback. All comments and questions are always appreciated. Let’s have an amazing week ahead!
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