As a result of rapid increase market defeated major resistance around 311.75 level and if only in short term does not appear bearish response, which would negate this outbreak, we would expect to test vicinity of level 315.



As a result of very dynamic growth market not only broke downward trend line but also overcame very important resistance 9.1350 which may change the general attitude of the market in the longer term. Taking into account the dynamics of the current impulse, even if in near future there will be some declines, likely they would be only a correction and in longer term we expect further strengthening of the European currency.



Yesterday market overcame an important resistance 3.9470, and although on Friday there has been no re-test of this level as a support, has already appeared bullish response. Thus, if in the near future market will overcome last week highs, we expect growth to continue even in the vicinity of the level of 4.1750.

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