Hello Traders, what’s going on market after US closing? 😉


There is pretty good chance that today’s candle will become a classic pinbar. It would be an ideal place to join the bullish trend which already broke key resitance zone. There is plenty of space for future gains, so after todays re-test we can count on bulls.



Simmilar situation as on EUR/USD – popular euro cross also get above local resistance zone lat week, and todays session creates opportunity to buy EUR/AUD. Buy signal is live up to momentum and current trend. Probable target for gains is last high.


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Weakness of AUD provide us another trade idea. We can barely spot the classic pinbar right under the local support/resistance zone. If the price moves much closer to candle’s minimum then it will be a clear sell signal. Otherwise, I’d recommend patience and search for a clearer signal to sell. Bearish look on AUD/CHF is justifided – there is clear bearish trend and momentum. 36

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