Hi guys! As always in the evening I want to present you comparic.com review in which we talk about most interesting pairs traded with Ichimoku technique. Let’s start!


Yesterday we saw a breakout from the downward cloud, which gave a weak buy signal. It is worth to wait for re-test of the upper cloud border. It will be a confirmation of growth and will give a chance to open positions with good profit-to-risk ratio.


Australian to American dollar is in a strong downward trend and tries to breakout from the cloud after the last correction. Chinkou Span above the price so we cannot open shorts. But the possible re-test of Kumo and breakthrough will give a chance and perfect placement for selling position.


Price in this currency is bouncing all the time from Kijun line, respecting the support and allowing us to open long position with a small SL.


After releasing itself from the cloud yesterday, the currency pair had been interrupted and in the morning we saw a correct short position signal with a stop loss just above the maximum from last night. The price is close to that level from that time.

If you want to learn more about Ichimoku then we invite you to watch Marcin Wenus webinary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOLgKH15LGw

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