ICO List – Initial Coin Offering

NameDescriptionStart DateEnd DateWhite paperPage

AppCoins - APPC
AppCoin tokens (“APPC Tokens”)
are ERC-20 compatible tokens
distributed on the Ethereum
blockchain pursuant to a related
ERC-20 smart contract.
AppCoins is meant for use in
the AppCoins blockchain
platform to perform transactions
in the app store ecosystem.
2017-12-132018-01-15White paperAppCoins

Asteroid ICO - ASTR
Asteroid, Ltd. is building
a decentralized database whereby
private individuals, corporations
and nation states can register claims
on mining rights to over 600,000
identified asteroids in our near
celestial orbit using a smart contract
and proprietary BlockClaim®
2017-11-062018-01-31White paperAsteroid ICO

The COVESTING platform allows its
users to automatically copy the
trades made by the successful
cryptocurrency traders and profit
2017-11-242018-01-15White paperCOVESTING

Crowd Genie - CGCOIN
Crowd Genie is an already-established
innovative peer-to-peer lending
company from Singapore.
Our new DLT ecosystem will scale
this disruption to the whole of Asia -
through a platform allowing investors
to directly buy into loans required
by small and medium size companies
who to grow and can provide better
returns on investment than
traditional banking.
2017-11-172018-01-07White paperCrowd Genie

Crypterium - CRPT
Crypterium is a contactless cryptobank
for everyone. Everything you need
in your smartphone: payments,
transfers, currency exchange,
instant loans.
Our goal - replace your bank.
2017-10-312018-01-14White paperCrypterium

GTCoin - GTC
GTCoin is built for Gamers to buy
game titles, hardware and in game
content. Gamers are renowned
as the worlds early adopters
of all things tech and Crypto Currency
is no exception.
2017-10-032018-01-07White paperGTCoin

Open-source platform that enables
anyone to become a local internet
provider in the global WiFi network.
2017-12-072018-01-31White paperIUNGO

Sether (SETH)
Sether opens up the blockchain
to marketers everywhere, using
a previously unavailable tool -
Smart Contracts. They bring
transparency, thus trustworthiness,
but are isolated from social networks.
2017-12-042018-01-14White paperSether

Spectiv - SIG
The Signal Token (SIG) Protocol is
designed to decentralize the buying,
selling, and rewarding of attention
across media platforms by removing
centralized intermediaries from advertising
2017-12-082018-01-08White paperSpectiv

A new cryptocurrency for instant
payments at point of sale.
2017-10-302018-01-14White paperSTK

Storiqa - STQ
One of the main features of Storiqa
is the use of blockchain technology,
which allows to make the platform
transparent, open and as safe as possible
for both transaction parties, reduction
of transaction costs and business costs,
and simplification of the purchase process.
2017-10-282018-02-13White paperStoriqa

Mobile exchange & Digital currency wallet2017-12-042018-03-15White paperTOKIA

Tag World Exchange
From the parallel universe of the Blocklands,
mysteriously connected with our one,
Ronan the Cryptodruid has come in
defense of all the crypto traders.
Revered as a trading champion in his
homeland, now he will bring justice
against the bearish creatures of the Earth,
until the blockchain technologies will be
widespread adopted by all peoples
of the world.
2017-12-082018-02-01White paperCryptodruid

Tag World Exchange
TWEX is a new revolutionary token that
unlike most other tokens gives back
to its owners.
2017-10-302018-02-03White paperTag World Exchange