hammer-719066_1280-300x225Well known insolvencies of IronFX have chance to show again after the broker decided to sue the German blogger fighting for due payments to investors funds. The first hearing on the defamation case will be held on December 14th.

The last known case related to the unreliable broker took place in March this year when to the trade media leaked information about IronFX’s desire to return to the market under a different name. Today it is loud again about IronFX and again – those are not positive reports.

Representatives of the broker decided to sue the German blogger – Patrizia Vigiani-Kampka  – in connection with defamation, which the resident of Munich committed posting on Internet articles on insolvency of IronFX.

The defendant announced that an open hearing will be held on December 14 at 10:30AM in the building of the District Court in Munich.


According to earlier assurances we contacted Patrizia in order to obtain more information about the described case. According to blogger, she will avoid a broader explanation and description of her position before the scheduled hearing because of the possibility of using these materials against her by lawyers of IronFX.

The subject of case are Patrizi statements that :

  • IronFX was not an entity regulated by the FCA,
  • employees of the broker committed illegal holding customer funds on IronFX accounts,
  • customer funds were not separated from the property of broker
  • IronFX was fined with the amount of 335 000 EUR.

Using the registry available on the Financial Conduct Authority in a very easy way, we can verify if the first plea has the characteristics of defamation. It turns out that Ironfx actually does not have a license granted by the FCA. Broker was active in Europe on the basis of the provisions on the European Economic Area (EEA) and is based on European regulations (not adjustment of FCA) and also was present in the UK.

In a fairly simple way you can also check the truth of the last statement. In fact IronFX was punished by the CySEC with financial penalty about what we reported in November 2015.

Slightly harder is to check the accuracy of the other two accusations. According to our information that employees Ironfx used tools available to them in determining the customers earning on the market. As we learned from our informant who wishes to remain anonymous, first they had to serve in the fight against those who illegally exploited awarded by IronFX bonuses. Ultimately they were used to limit losses of the broker and freeze the assets of some customers.

As we learned, the described case will be the first case of IronFX appearing in front of independent, European court. Thousands of victims of the activities of the broker are likely to be disappointed by the fact that this time IronFX occurs as accuser…

The latest information related to the matter Vigiani-Kampka – IronFX will appear on the Patrizias blog. Editors of Comparic.com also monitors the whole thing.

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