For some time on the pages of, I have been running the “Option for Today” cycle, where every day we present the best PUT or CALL options for a selected financial instrument along with its current technical analysis. All analyzes from the series are based on the Price Action and can be followed under the tag “Option for today” or on our forum where discussions about binary options are conducted.

For some time now I have been publishing detailed statistics showing the results of the effectiveness of my analyzes:

In August, the effectiveness reached 78.95%, which means a possible return on investment of 7.12:1.
In September, the effectiveness was 76.19%, which means a possible return on investment of 6.9:1.
In October, efficiency of only 52.38% meant that we could lose 1.93:1

This time, in November, the effectiveness of my analyzes in the “Option for Today” was at 73.68%, which means a possible return on investment of 5.4:1.

This means that by risking 1% of your capital each time, you could earn as much as 5.4% over the whole month. I think that for a monthly rate of return, it is very high and should be satisfactory for most traders.

During the past month, I wrote 21 analyzes. Due to the lack of a specific expiration time, based on which I could verify the effectiveness, two of them were not taken into account. This means that the statistics were calculated on the basis of 19 entries.

As many as 14 of them turned out to be profitable and only 5 lossy. The longest string of losses was 2 and the longest string of profits – 8.

Taking into account the results of the last four months (because statistics have been carried out for such period), analyzes from the “Option for Today” cycle would allow to achieve a return rate of 17.49:1, which is 4.37:1 per month.

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