The setup overview for the EMA 8/20 Strategy is a daily collection of analyzes of potential setups based on this strategy. Detailed description of this strategy can be found under this link. The cycle will last exactly two weeks. After this period, on Saturday 21st October, I will publish a report summarizing the statistics of this strategy and will show whether or not we could make profit during this two weeks could be earned through it.

As announced earlier, on the same day, I will also present another strategy that I will test for another two weeks. In this way I will try to test as many investment strategies as possible to find the best and most effective.

Since the EMA 8/20 strategy is a five-minute strategy for the options and its signals should be tracked on a 1-minute interval, I have decided that the two-week test will be conducted on the 6 most popular currency pairs in hours. 8: 00-12: 00. In this way we will check whether investing 4 hours a day on 6 instruments can be profitable.

Today, between 8:00 and 12:00, the EMA 8/20 strategy generated a total of 58 signals on the currency pairs observed. 37 of them were profitable and 21 not. This means that the efficiency was 63,79%. With a return on investment ranging between 76% and 81% in total, 58 transactions could make us win 7,17:1.

Summing up the results from Monday (+3,75:1) and (-4,75;1) from Tuesday, this week until today we would earn 6,17:1

The first thing I notice after these three days is the fact that the strategy is much more effective when the markets move in a trend rather than in consolidation.

Below I present a graph of the observed instruments in the time interval between 8:00 am and 12:00:


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