Several casinos have seen their shares rise as part of the recent change in outlook throughout several markets around the world. These markets have had great potential for gambling industries to strengthen their position, but have also faced a lot of pushback from regulators, which resulted in weak stock performance. Still, recent changes have altered the market outlook and have caused an increase in share prices, as well as an interesting shift in the perspective and expectations of some of the major shareholders in the market. Let us take a look at some of the casinos that have seen the change take places and see what the future might hold for their shares, as well as las the future of the casinos themselves.

Caesars Entertainment

The stock prices of Caesar’s Entertainment fell in 2018 after their revenues for the year had been lower than anticipated. The fall in share price was seen as a natural occurrence, but it also became a vision of opportunity for the owner of Golden Nugget NJ online casino, who purchase 4 000 000  shares in the company in February. Tilman Fertitta believed that the move was smart, simply because the shares were massively undervalued (according to him). Over the past several months the change in the stock price has been apparent – Caesar’s Entertainment has managed to recover some of its share value, slowly but steadily, and produced a good profit for the February buyer. But it seems that the stock value is not going to stop increasing, as some are predicting a further increase over the year, as Caesars Entertainment’s revenue goals for the year are met.

All this, despite the dip that the company has seen over the past few days. Some market experts are expecting the share value to stabilize over the next few days, and start rising to its previous value soon enough. Still, Fertitta does not seem to be disappointed by the results as even at the current share price might seems a little precarious. All of this comes as the expectations for the casino industry are higher than ever.

Crown Melbourne

Crown might not be an American company, but the recent news about them make the company one of the more exciting ones in the industry. Crown has been a gambling industry staple in Australia, raking in the benefits of the lively local market for gambling for years now. In the past years, the business slowed down for the company and the share price went down a little. According to reports, Wynn Resorts has made an offer to the company too but for them out entirely, offering a little more than 7 billion US dollars in exchange for the entirety of the company and all of the casinos. The announcement about the offer was made by Crown recently and resulted in the share price of the casino soaring overnight. The shares rose from $14 per share to $24 per share, as traders scrambled to acquire the undervalued shares in order to gain some benefit from the possible deal.

Despite the share increase, the deal has yet to be confirmed. The heads of the company are still deliberating about the sale, not sure whether they will be going through with it or not. If the decision is not made soon, the value of the shares is once again going to drop to previous levels. But there is little reason for the deal not to go through.

With the news being released, Wynn Resorts saw some benefit to their own share value, increasing by one dollar since the announcement. This is a significant change from the recent trend in the share value of Wynn Resorts, which has been relatively negative over the past several months. Still, the share value is not going to be changing by much while the company and the shareholders expect the deal to go through. If the deal goes through, Wynn Resorts will have expanded their operations to the other side of the world, adding more casinos and hotels to their already existing Las Vegas and Macau venues. This addition should prove as being enough to drive the share value to go higher by more than one dollar. No specific predictions can be made while we wait for the finalization of the offer, but some are expecting a significant increase. So it might be a good time to start buying some WYNN.

888 Holdings

888 Holdings has recently seen a reversal in its share value pattern, with a steady increase over the past day and a half. The growth seems to not be stopping any time soon, and it complies with the recent online casino trend across the world. The increased interest in online gaming within the Oceania region was confirmed by Playamo Australia online casino executives and the rest of the world is driving an increase in the share value of the companies owning these websites, with 888 Holdings included. The growth of the online casino industry is no secret, as the casinos are so much easier to access and cheaper to operate, but with the interest in the casinos seems to be increasing as time passes. More and more players and traders and flocking to these casinos, causing a reversal in stock share values and steady growth.

The expectations for the shares are optimistic – the companies seemingly have entered the time in the year cycle when growth will only keep happening. New players will be entering the markets soon, while new deals between online casinos and shareholders will only drive the market to trade faster and shares to grow in value faster. Although the recent increase in 888 Holdings share value is suspected to be simply a result of a number of investors believing it to be undervalued at the lowest point the shares have been in a while, the future of the shares seems bright. The growth is not simply a fluke or a flash in the pan but is expected to be a full on reversal and a trend that will last for at least another few days. Some are even predicting the growth trend to accelerate and become stronger and faster over the next few days.

It is hard to set expectations only after a day and a half, but the trend seems to be there and it seems to be here to stay, at least for a short time. Where it goes several weeks from now is not necessarily known and 888 Holdings might have to produce something substantial in order to sustain this growth. But so far, so good and the majority of the market seems content to be seeing the share value start growing once again.

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