Sell signal on AUDJPY. Price reached resistance, tested it and fell down. Maybe it is not a perfect Pin Bar, because body of the candle is much too big, but it shows rapid sale and we only wish a little higher opening to have perfect candle.

Anyway, I think that this is good signal and I set sell limit order on 50% retracement of the candle. SL is about 100 pips and TP is 400 pips.



The same situation on Aussie. I prefer much more previous pair. Here we can see local support to close. This is why I choose pair with yen, not US dollar.



Mixed signals on EUR/JPY. After breaching last top and closing daily candle above it the price should rise, but it fell quite fast. It is worth to observe this pair because in the nearest time there should be signals both for bulls and bears.



There is quite unusual signal on this pair. Price fell to support area and created really big Pin Bar candle and currently we can open long positions below 50% retracement. It is worth to think about it.



Pair is closed between two levels far from each other for 200 pips. Currently it is getting closer to support and if we consider that there was uptrend lately, it is better to open longs than shorts.



Sell signal on GBPJPY. There is clearly Pin Bar candle rejecting last maximums. SL with sell limit on 50% of retracement of the candle is 90 pips and TP is above last support – 300 pips.

If you are interested in Price Action Description, you can read it here.

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