Yesterday I noticed buy signal on this pair. Limit order was set on 50% retracement of Pin Bar candle, at night price fell to enter level area. Unfortunately few pips were missing from opening position. Not so long after there was sharp gain and position would have enough profit to secure it. I had to delete this order. What a pity.



This pair fell down to area of upper band of support. If there will be clear buy signal on D1 chart I would consider opening long positions.



Yesterday I wrote about possibility of playing on this pair from band to band. Long black candle from September 21st I considered as a signal and I opened short position. However just after that there was fast move up breaching top and then price fell. These situations happen and instead few percent of profit there is 2% of loss. Despite this my account is growing in September.



GBPJPY fell below support. It is too soon to speak about coming back to downtrend, but if daily candle will close below that, we can look for sell signals on D1 and H4 chart. The perfect place will be re-test of current support from below.



The cable is getting close to strong support. Since beginning of September there is uptrend on this pair and it is worth to observe price behavior in case of testing this level. If there will be buy signal on daily chart it is worth to consider opening long position.

If you are interested in Price Action Strategy description, you can read it here.

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