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Denis Borisovsky, CEO at PFSOFT

As we know there are many different solutions among trading platforms, that can usually suit just one type of the market: Forex, stocks, derivatives (futures and options) or ETFs. While providing a simultaneous trading access to all markets is not a difficult task, it turns to be rather expensive for a retail trader to get it.

Being familiar with this problem of the trading software market, financial technologies provider PFSOFT, with its CEO Denis Borisovsky, decided to create a new trading platform that combines exclusively advantageous points of its “luxurious fellows”.

Christopher: Denis, your company is a developer of Protrader, the multi-asset brokerage solution that has already gained a wide range of clients from all over the world. But at the beginning of this year you have released a new trading platform. Tell us few words about your new product.

Denis Borisovsky: Protrader – our main product – is a comprehensive B2B solution primarily focused on retail brokers and prime brokers as well as banks and exchanges. This allows individual traders and money managers to use the Protrader front-end, called ‘trading platform’, only with the brokers who have Protrader back-end solution. But, as we know, traders prefer to work with their proven brokers and rarely change them because of the platform. So we decided to go the other way: provide an opportunity to work with the favoured  broker through our Front-end application. Thus was born the idea of creating PTMC (Protrader Multi-Connect) – B2C logical extension of the main terminal.

C: Good to see that your сompany offers new opportunities for individual traders as well as professionals. What is the difference between the Protrader and Protrader Multi-Connect?

D.B.: The fundamental difference is in the end-customer orientation. While Protrader 3 requires more complex development to connect a broker, process of connecting PTMC to a broker is much easier. It does not have its own back-office, but uses API to connect to broker’s servers. As a result, we have linked with three Forex brokers (FXCM, OANDA, LMAX), two data providers (IQFeed, Quandl) and one FCM – Interactive Brokers – in just six months.


PTMC aimed to become the most versatile trading application with all of the top-notch functionality, based on the community requests. This particular orientation on trader’s demands and ability to ask for “your particular feature” has become the key advantage for many traders to join the PTMC family. And this family as well as application are constantly growing.

C: What are your further plans to develop the product?

D.B.: We are planning to continue development of new connections to brokers and exchanges. At the same time we are listening to our users that are constantly suggesting new platform features and options via PTMC community website. This help us to create and  implement the most popular and highly demanded functionality in our trading application.

C: As we know, in 2013 your company arranged a CROSS TRADE trading championship among Polish private traders, which has a great success. And now you announced another similar competition?

D.B.: As you have correctly pointed out we got a lot of customer’s feedback and suggestions concerning our product thanks to the success of this event. For this reason, we’ve decided to re-run the trading championship this September, but now – on PTMC trading platform and with participants from the worldwide. By the way, I invite you to participate)

C: Thanks for the invitation) Could you please, reveal us conditions of the Championship.

D.B.: The main idea of this championship is to promote and popularize PTMC application, so it is a matter of principle for us not to put trading, as do the majority of brokers holding such events. This means that each participant can use automatic trading as well as any other trading strategy (scalping, directional trading etc). And of course prizes! The first five (5) winners will receive real cash prizes on their bank card.

Thank you Denis. We wish you a lot of traders and new ideas coming from activity. And waiting for further great announcements from PFSOFT.

You will find more details on CROSS TRADE championship visiting PTMC website.

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