trump-1-cc-300x169The president-elect, Donald Trump, for the first time after victory in presidential election took part in an official press conference. Markets expected that this may affect the US stock market and the US dollar. Comments of popular billionaire, and soon the head of US eventually weakened the USD.

Economic calendar – to prepare for the session on January 12

During Thursday’s trading markets will confront with an average of significant macroeconomic data. During the European session we are mainly interested in Eurozone industrial production and the minutes of the meeting of the ECB. At the start of trading in the US we will look at several indicators regarding import / export and standard jobless claims. We are waiting also for a lot of statements which will be made by representatives of the FOMC – starting from 18:30 to 19:45.


It is worth mentioning that during the night we learned the results of Japan’s current account – which gently fell from 1.93 trillion yen to 1.80 trillion. USD/JPY driven by Trump speech of clearly lost, this morning testing yesterday’s lows:

USD / JPY H1 - people who have managed to open a position at yesterday's gravestone doji and endure it overnight, earned more than 200 pips
USD / JPY H1 – traders who have managed to open a position at yesterday’s gravestone doji and endure it overnight, earned more than 200 pips

Trump, however, can weaken the dollar

From results of the presidential elections in the United States, Donald Trump had bullish affect only strengthening American currency. Analysts feared, however, that yesterday’s speech can show his other face and adversely affect the valuation of the USD. Browsing charts clearly shows that markets expected a completely different tones in yesterdays speech.

In large part of the speech president-elect has focused on dismantling the rumors about his person – especially in terms of support from the Russian hackers who had upset the election results. Even allowed himself to say that investigative agencies of the United States have had something to do with this but blamed the Russian Federation.

EUR / USD D1 – on this pair Trumps occurrence led to draw a pin bar on the round level of 1.0500. The direction of growth is already realized.

Trump spoke negatively about the auto industry and pharmaceutical companies warning companies escaping with production to outside areas of the country that they will have increased charges and higher taxes. At the same time thanked the manufacturers, who maintain production lines inside the United States.

GBPUSD Daily- bullish pin bar
GBPUSD Daily- bullish pin bar

In case of Mexico clearly wanted to show that he is not against them and complemented local community in superlatives, said that the government do not blame Mexicans for preying on the US economy, but still supports the construction of the wall for which Mexico should pay.

USD / MXN D1 - expression Donald Trump drove the USD / MXN to new record highs. Mexicans are afraid of the inauguration of President-elect.
USD/MXN D1 –  Donald Trump drove the USD/MXN to new record highs. Mexicans are afraid of the inauguration of President-elect.

On the speech of Trump gained Polish Zloty (PLN) – like on many other currency pairs appeared a pin bar candle, and Thursday’s session brings continuation of the depreciation of the USD. At this point the USD/PLN is struggling with level of 4.1100 and the December lows. Overcoming of this zone would enable a clearer appreciation of the Zloty.


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