Analysts are stressing the importance of Friday’s core PCE data, considering it crucial for shaping expectations and market movements in 2024. Amid volatile market sentiment and varying economic indicators, the publication is expected to be a key determinant of future monetary policy and currency valuations.

Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) covers consumer spending on goods and services among US households. PCE is used as a mechanism to measure how much earned household income is spent on current consumption of various goods and services.

Why is the PCE so important?

The publication of the core PCE index this week could be one of the most important data releases of the year, potentially setting the direction of monetary policy and market movements for the rest of the year.

Recent signals from the financial industry reveal a general lack of conviction about current market directions, although there is a consensus that a significant turning point may be imminent. The lack of an idea of what direction the markets will take can be seen in the mixed not seldom surprising market reactions to various economic indicators, such as inflation, GDP and the unclearly stated policies of central banks.

The core PCE data is particularly important because it directly affects perceptions of inflation and, consequently, the Fed’s interest rate decisions. A result in line with expectations and a slowdown in inflation could support moderate USD weakness in the third quarter, boosting risk appetite and undercutting expectations for interest rate cuts by the Fed.

US Core PCE index
US Core PCE index

What if inflation picks up?

On the other hand, higher-than-expected inflation could diminish the prospects for Fed interest rate cuts this year, possibly leading to further USD appreciation and a retreat from risky investments. Such a scenario would strengthen the dollar’s strength due to persistent inflation and divergent policies of the ECB, BOE and Fed central banks.


The upcoming reading of the underlying PCE index is crucial for determining short- and medium-term forex market trends as well as central bank actions. Investors and traders should prepare for potential volatility following this publication, as it could significantly affect market sentiment and strategic positioning. The result could either confirm an imminent easing of monetary policy, or herald a continuation of restrictive policy driven by persistent inflationary pressures.

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