The global financial brand Alpari opened a new international headquarters on 25 October, 2016 in the macro-region which encompasses the countries of Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean basin.

The company’s main office is situated in the business district of the Republic of Mauritius, Ebene, in one of the city’s largest business centres: the Maeva Tower. This event marks out a principally new era of development for the company, coming as a result of some serious financial achievements, in addition to the company’s sustainable development and globalisation of its business facilitated by growing demand for Alpari’s services in various countries of the world.

Alpari headquarters

The company’s motivations for opening its headquarters in the Republic of Mauritius are due to the favourable business climate and the progressive nature of the country’s legal system in regards to large international financial companies. The Mauritian jurisdiction opens up new doors for Alpari clients to operate within regulatory legal norms which are characterised, above all, by the protection of investor rights, high levels of confidentiality, stability and security.

As part of the business program for the opening of the headquarters, the owner of Alpari, Mr. Andrey Dashin, along with chairman of the Supervisory Board, Mr. Boris Shilov, Director for International Development, Mr. Sergey Vyazmin, and Alpari Managing Director in Mauritius, Mr. Om Pravesh Kumar Lolljee, met with representatives from the Government of Mauritius; notably, the country’s Attorney General, Mr. Ravi Yerrigadoo, and the Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister, Mr. Prakash Maunthrooa.

Andrey Dashin, Ravi Yerrigadoo

Following several business meetings with Republic’s officials, a foundation for further mutually beneficial cooperation was laid. The officials welcomed Alpari’s plans to increase its operational activities within this macroeconomic region. It is to be noted that Alpari has been licensed within the Republic of Mauritius since 2013.

“The opening of these headquarters is a significant event in the history of our company, thereby confirming the high level of professional achievements made by Alpari. The Republic of Mauritius has kindly welcomed and opened up new horizons for the development of our international brand in the market of financial services due to its progressive legal system and long-standing market traditions,” stated the owner of the Alpari brand, Mr. Andrey Dashin.

Andrey Dashin and Ravi Yerrigadoo, Attorney General of Republic of Mauritius

Alpari today is an influential and globally connected brand, with its products, services and trademarks making it one of the most recognisable companies in the financial industry. Alpari services over one million clients from 150 countries of the world and has over 80 offices across the globe. The companies that make up the Alpari brand dominate by number of clients and by volume of trading operations in the several countries in which they operate. Alpari’s aggregated trading turnover exceeded $1 trillion in 2015.

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