The correction of the last impulse began on the gold. It has not yet reached the abolition zone of 33-66%, but when it does, I will look for a sell opportunity.


The GBPAUD after breaking out from consolidation thru the bottom seem to take the southern direction. If it is maintained, you can consider looking for opportunities to sell after correction. A similar situation occurs at GBPAUD.

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Correction of the last growth impulse on the CHFJPY pair reached the Fibo 33-66% zone. The dynamic support in the form of a 20-period SMA is also getting closer to the price. Therefore, you can look for opportunities to buy after the signal indicating the end of the correction. Similarly on USDJPY.


The short-term trend changed on USDCAD, where another, higher high appeared. Correction of the last growth impulse led the pair to its 66-per cent lift, in the vicinity of which there is also a 20-period SMA. There may be a buy signal that ends the correction in this area.

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