Market.space, a specialist in data storage solutions, today has announced the initiative to build a decentralized marketplace for cloud storage providers based on the blockchain technology. According to Gartner, the global public cloud services market is expected to reach $411b total revenue by 2020, with the highest revenue growth coming from infrastructure-as-a-service.

“Centralized and decentralized cloud services should coexist to serve different needs. The latter will offer prodigious scalability, together with more rigorous security measures to address cyber threats and social engineering risks. Market.space will adopt blockchain to provide unprecedented fault tolerance, ensure 24/7 data availability, offer anonymity protection and visionary copyright management features,” – says Alexander Rakhmanov, Market.space founder and CEO.

Market.space aims to become a state-of-the-art solution for professionals and consumers, governed in a decentralized, transparent and accountable manner. Within the marketplace, cloud providers will be able to list and sell their services directly to customers. In turn, consumers will be offered enterprise-grade support and flexible pricing options. Using blockchain, smart contracts and risk management measures such as insurance deposits, Market.space will make cloud services more efficient, trim costs and ensure seamless customer experience on all fronts.

“To date, online storage and file management startups have raised up to $500m, garnered strong industry support and audience buzz. These, we believe, are key indicators of an ongoing disruption in the field”, – added Alexander Rakhmanov.

To raise funds for the venture, Market.space will conduct an ICO. The fundraiser will commence on Mar. 15, 2018. By design, the Market.space will be a zero knowledge system deprived of the ability to read the information and influence pricing. For more information, visit https://market.space/

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