The technical situation on the GBP/CHF pair in the daily chart may still favour the buyers. Of course, the key issue here is the brexit and the reports about this process are the main factor affecting the quotes. The technique itself indicates a breakout from the downward channel and an ongoing correction. We still have a positive system of last lows. The price is in consolidation but seems to be reflecting upwards in the direction of its upper limit at 1.32. Beyond this range, it should signify further increases in the direction of the mid-March maxims. On the issue of Brexit, recently there have been surveys showing an outflow of supporters of the Conservative Party of Prime Minister May. It is due to the delay in leaving the community, which some of its supporters find humiliating. According to recent reports, work is still under way on an agreement that would be acceptable to the parliament to stop the decline in the ratings. In Switzerland, on the other hand, we had an interesting statement at the weekend from the head of the Central Bank, who said that for the time being he does not see the need for changes in monetary policy, although the Bank is ready to act, and will also be willing to lower interest rates if necessary. The statement weakens Frank slightly and gives him a chance to attack the upper limit of consolidation.

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