With the advent of Cryptocurrency in the mainstream financial market, the method of transactions along with investment options has changed vastly. With every passing day, new digital currencies are emerging in the field and are getting added to the market.

Digital currencies like Bitcoin are highly popular and trusted by millions of users around the globe due to their immense valuation power. However, with the emergence of a massive number of digital currencies each year, the rate of being successful is not similar for everyone, as some of the fresh currencies tend to fail bitterly.If you are still interested you can use bitiq.org to trade in.

SafeMoon is a fresh entry into the world of Cryptocurrency which stroke the market in 2021. It is the outcome of a community project that tended to decentralize the financial structure. Since the day of its commencement, it has received more than 2 million holders worldwide. The developers of this currency wanted to create such a Crypto coin that will be safe for the users and would be capable of averting situations of inevitability. The creators hold a long-run vision for the success of the digital currencies and that, the holders will earn a huge amount of profits with the help of this digital currency.

Significant Features of SafeMoon

This digital currency was developed in such a manner so that it could avert Volatility by the system of awarding the investors who hold their currency for a long period. SafeMoon functions with three prominent functions or features which have been listed below:

  • LP Acquisition:

In the words of the developers, the main ingredient of the functioning of SafeMoon is an automatic liquidity collection of the Crypto. This feature of the digital currency creates for its buyers as well as sellers, a durable price floor and this is designed for stability in the long run. Charging penalty accused on the sales of the currencies is a rather unusual trait of SafeMoon. The smart contract charges a 10% fee for every transaction of this coin. Moreover, to encourage the investors to hold their tokens without selling, five percent of these charges are divided among prevailing owners.

According to this currency development contract, the purpose is basically to prevent the huge falls when investors determine to sell their currencies afterward in the event, and it helps in preventing much from fluctuations.

  • Reflection:

These are rewards that aim in validating the issues with the help of mining rewards. Eventually, it has a dual process to act, which are:

  • The dividend percentage is dependent upon the quantity that is marketed, which reduces the selling burden inflicted by initial investors auctioning their currencies.
  • It motivates the holders who are seizing the coins to compile increased fees based on the entire number acquired.

This method is quite different from the conventional rewards obtaining the rewards. Generally, it means the initial investors have more chances of purchasing the currencies than recent adopters. Its dormant reward strategy strives to reduce the dilemma of initial adopters selling their currencies collectively.

  • Manual Burn:

Almost all digital currencies undergo a procedure whereon they are eliminated from circulation permanently, known as token burning. This method strives to increase the rarity of the coins along with their value and certain developers perform the act of continual burns for their coins right from the beginning.

However, this coin utilizes manual burns rather than continual burns. The idea is that the method can enforce a helpful burn policy for long-run adopters. Moreover, it enables the burns to let them declared and traced publicly, directing to improved clarity.

How Safe Is This Currency

Being a fresh coin, it is natural for investors to get worried by all the hype surrounding this currency. Moreover, even certain analysts and experts have concerns related to its safety. Unlikely, this Crypto coin does not necessarily do anything. The whole goal appears to obtain investors to purchase it and push its rate up.The coin is developed to prevent selling and this validity is inclined to push the rate up over a period, profiting the holders and initial investors.


Given the fact that digital currency, SafeMoon does not perform anything and just future probability of dividends is that further, investors will proceed to purchase, it does not look like a decent investment option. However, taking consultation from an expert holds utmost importance before investing in Cryptocurrency.

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