Today, Joint Stock Company Krypto Jam announced that Atriumbay Investment, as an industry investor based in Dubai, acquired in private subscription 60,000 series B shares of the company Krypto Jam S.A. at the price of PLN 33.34 per piece, and the value of the offer amounted to PLN 2,000,400.

Thus, the total number of shares in Krypto Jam S.A. currently amounts to 2,060,000 units, and the market valuation of the company is over PLN 68 million.

The capital raised from the issue will allow the company to carry out planned investments consisting in the development of the trading department and B2B cryptocurrency services for the financial sector.

In connection with the above, we have contacted Rafał Zaorski, Founder & CEO Krypto Jam in order to ask a few questions in this matter:

How did you manage to establish investor relations with Atriumbay Investment?

Atriumbay Investment is a company that invests in the cryptocurrency sector. We as Krypto Jam conducted animation and arbitration for one of the companies in which Atriumbay has invested and after the results we achieved, they came up with a proposal to buy 60,000 shares, which will allow for a better cooperation in other fields.

What is the purpose of this investment?

First of all, we intend to expand the services we already offer. Acting as a company that provides services to financial institutions on the cryptocurrency market, we want to dominate the market in this part of Europe.

What can we expect in the future? What are Krypto Jam’s development plans?

We are committed to closer bonding the industry investor with our company and ensuring its faster development. Within 2 years we would like to enter the Warsaw Stock Exchange or NASDAQ. It all depends on the scale of development that we can achieve. We persistently implement a strategy that I often talk about. In my opinion, the second wave of the blockchain related situation will primarily concern companies that will commercialize blockchains.

In addition, we intend to focus on the tokenization of companies and will soon be loud about our new customers.

KryptoJam and BitBay have signed a contract worth PLN 20m

It is also worth reminding that exactly one month ago Krypto Jam signed a PLN 20m deal with the largest and the most popular Polish cryptocurrency market – BitBay. The companies intend to cooperate in the field of tokenization of company shares, placement of ICO and purchase / sale of cryptocurrencies for institutional clients

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