2263111390_f80098fd9f_o-300x200In the night markets got familiar with November consumer and producer inflation report from China, which was published by SNB. The document states that both indicators recorded positive growth dynamics. So far, we also know market data of the Swiss and German economy – in the afternoon are awaiting us data from United States

China – CPI and PPI up

  • CPI annualized is placed at the level of 2.3%, with forecasts of 2.2% and 2.1% as a result of the October
  • PPI’s yoy performance was much stronger with growth to 3.3% and forecasts of 2.3% and 1.2% as a result of the October

As a result, producer inflation was on the highest levels since November 2011. Part of that appreciation is obviously associated with higher prices on the commodity market, but remaining interest simply shows a marked increase in demand.

The Swiss unemployment rate slightly up

The European morning began with publication of unemployment rate in Switzerland for November (7:45). According to the latest SECO report, in the regional employment offices were registered 149 228 unemployed, what is 4,697 more than in October. As a result, the unemployment rate increased from 3.2% to 3.3%.

A positive aspect, however, was an increase in the number of people actively looking for work – these came more by 7703 compared to October, while in yoy terms the number of jobs seekers increased by 4329.

EURCHF after testing yesterday’s lows is constantly growing and pair managed to overcome a cluster of moving averages. Since the publication of data of unemployment appreciation has accelerated, and at the moment price is testing the level of 1.07915 from the top – on the interval M5

The German trade balance down

Source: Destatis

Only few minutes after publication of data by the Swiss, the report regarding the trade balance in October presented Germany. As gives Destatis difference between the values of exports and imports slides as much as 4.1% compared to the same period a year earlier.The total value of goods exported was 101.5 billion and imported 82.2 billion which gave trade balance at level of 20.5 billion as a result of both worse than expected and results of September.

More detailed data on German exports are available in the official report of Destatis. Regarding Eurodollar during Friday’s session pair tried to deepen the lows from Thursday, but the price quickly rebounded drawing new intraday highs and reaching area above 1.0600:

At 16:00 we start weekend

In Friday’s macroeconomic calendar,there are only two positions. This refers to the October trade balance of the United Kingdom, which will be announced at 10:30 and the ratio of consumer sentiment by the University of Michigan – the latter closes at 16:00 macroeconomic calendar, which will reopen on Monday:

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