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The rest of Aussie was closed on yesterday (this signal was mentioned HERE). Earlier it was secured and the rest brought about 3% of profit.

There comes another test of resistance and you can see few candles with long upper wicks. It proves strength of bears in this area, this is why Pin Bar marked green on the chart I will use to open position. Of course it will be sell limit on 50% retracement with SL just few pips above.



Yesterday I wrote about buy signal on this pair. Position is opened, the price went down just 2-3 pips and then just shoot up. Currently it gives about 170 pips of profit, but to secure this position we still need a little more than 100 pips (stop loss was 100 pips, this is why the range is so wide). Now we have to wait and see the situation.



Yesterday I secured half of this position. About opening this position I wrote on Tuesday HERE. No we just have to wait if the pair will rise to TP, which is 500 pips above.



On cable there is buy signal in the form of Outside Bar near the support. Unfortunately price didn’t dropped to 50% retracement of signal candle, and gain is more than 2.5x SL so I had to delete this position and wait for another long signals.

If you are interested in Price Action Description, you can read it here.

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