You probably have heard of, or even traded yourself, a breakout strategy. Most breakout rules will tell you that you should close the order if it is a fake breakout and is trading back within the initial sideways range. That may result in some small losses before finally catching the big move. But what if you have missed that move?

Let me introduce you to the SwissBox strategy. Based on the open range breakout strategy we have modified this trading idea in a way that has resulted in a proven success for many months. For over a year now the SwissBox strategy is generating profits and we have just recently celebrated our 240th consecutive winning trade in the Dax with the market opening trade at 9am MEZ.

In know what you may think: sounds a bit shady. But this is anything else but a Black Box or some secret programmed Expert Advisor. Every Dax market opening trade is recorded and put on our Youtube channel as a track record for everyone to follow. Below you can watch our latest video:

Let me get you the entry set up at a glance:

Step 1: We look at the trading range in the Dax between 8am and 8.55am MEZ

Step 2: We open the SwissBox helper tool in our MT4 trading platform

Step 3: According to the first hour trading range and individually we place a buy stop order on top of the range and a sell stop on the bottom. We try to have a distance between the lines of currently 15 points in the Dax. (used to be more but Dax volatility has fallen recently)

Step 4: We enter our initial risk for the first position and the take profit. (We recommend 0.1% for both, based on the account balance). Then we activate the SwissBox helper

Now we wait until the market opens at 9am MEZ and the first impulse not only activates either one of the pending orders but mostly reaches the profit at 0.10% soon afterwards. To some of you that may not sound like a big profit but let me assure you that if you trade it day in, day out it generates a profit of at least 20% annually. And there is not just the Dax to trade but many more markets.

If the first market opening impulse is not immediately triggers the take profit and if the price turns to the other side of the range, a new order will be opened automatically by the SwissBox helper. Note, that we are not closing the first position, it is still active and running, and the position size of the second trade is larger than the first one.  Every successive trade will have a larger volume size than the previous one. It doesn`t matter if our first, second, third trade and so on, will trigger the blue take profit line, we are always reaching our target – that’s because of the different volume sizes. Once the trade reaches the take profit, all orders are closed out simultaneously with a market order. Based on your risk parameters you enter you have lots of trades available.

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