Wide View Strategy (WiViSt) is a typical trend following strategy. Purpose of this strategy is enter in transaction at the end of correction which is identified in strong trend (uptrend or downtrend). There are two intervals used in this strategy: m30 and m15. 



wykres1 (5)

After yesterdays FOMC statement, which has been understood by the markets as highly hawkish, USD has start to appreciate. We can observe this on USDJPY M30 chart.

wykres2 (5)

Buy signal has occurred after 10:00 AM (GMT). Another buy opportunity will appear when %R will come to undervalued area on M5 chart.


wykres3 (5)

The appreciation of the dollar did not take place without silver depreciation. While today’s readings annualized GDP in the United States were not spectacular, but also did not significantly different from market consensus. Still USD looks strong.

wykres4 (5)

Sell opportunity will occur when %R will come above -20.

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