Forex brokerages employ several tactics to generate custom. Here are some of the best techniques to raise awareness and attract more leads.

Boast about your business

If you have been in business a while and have started to see success, then keep doing what you are doing. Use your competitive advantage to your advantage. If you are trying to attract seasoned traders, you will need to figure out how they operate and what their needs are to lure them away from their current broker. If you start to realise success, then build a marketing campaign around this. Innovative solutions like PAMM and copy trading might be new to some customers, so tell people about it and use all the tools at your disposal.

Create Educational Videos

Learning online is hugely popular right now, especially in the middle of the pandemic. Create intriguing educational content for new and future clients. If you are short for ideas, you can keep it simple and teach the basics of trading, show people how to use your software platform and almost everything in between. This technique will help to build trust among your customer base.

Leverage social media

There is no denying that the most effective way to spread your message online is through paid advertising on social media. Facebook, Google and numerous other websites and blogs are all selling advertising space. If you have the budget, it is easy to build an online presence. Be creative and use all the channels available. Create a weekly educational video and upload it to YouTube to kill two birds with one stone.

Make your message succinct

You must figure out what is unique about your business. We can’t all be marketing gurus, but it is so much easier to get your message across if it is clear and precise. Imagine you were in a lift with a potential investor and you had one minute to impress them and win them over. What would you say? In a world overrun by marketing content, you need to get your message across quickly; otherwise, you will miss the opportunity. Everything about your business needs to be uncomplicated and transparent. Fewer barriers make it easier for potential clients to sign up.

Use the leads you have

No lead is too small to chase up. If someone registers on a landing page but fails to sign up or make a deposit do not just forget about them. These leads are not cold; they are still usable. It would help if you figured out the pain points in your signup process and figured out how to convert them. The key is to be subtle and to try not to bombard them. It would help if you employed tactics like email targeting and special offers to persuade them to finish the signup process.


One important thing to realise is a forex white label partnership with the right provider will help out in this respect. Take Popcorn technology, a London based Fintech company. They assist their clients with marketing and lead generation. Partnering with a quality company such as that will undoubtedly help to speed things along.




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