Price Action setup

Forex – early Price Action setups

June 10th 2013 6:30 GMT Here are 3 setups made by FxKris with PA System Intraday and Longterm All is on charts:

Ichimoku – gold short

6th June 2013 9:05 GMT I have opened new transaction on my Ichomoku system (soon it will be describe here). Its XAU/USD short. Signal is...
H&S pattern will not be filled?

Forex – morning EUR/USD outlook 6th June 2013

6th June 2013 7:30 GMT There are still lot of emotions about possible Head and Shoulders pattern on Daily chart. Red line on chart is...

Forex – morning EUR/USD outlook 31 May 2013

31 May 2013 7:00 GMT Eurodolar has at least broken 1.3000 suport and is now a little bit further from Head and Shoulders pattern (red...