The popularity of cryptocurrencies has been unflagging in recent weeks, the entire market is worth over USD 700 billion. In daily analyses, we will look at the most popular currencies and you can use the opportunities that occur by trading on the Polish BitBay exchange.


I only mentioned Lisk only once so far, in the end of November so a lot of time passed by, then one token had to be paid under $ 10 and today almost 4 times more. A month later, the course dealt with an important peak at $ 12 and since then it has started dynamic increases, which coincided with increases in the entire market. The quotations then created the biggest correction, which we can use until today.The beginning of the year is very good for Lisk owners, but the resistance is in the $ 40-43 range due to an external Fibo measurement of 161.8% and the equality of the wave pulse III from December 2017. The price today is trapped in this range, in the case of a correction, a good place to buy seems to be the region just over $ 27.

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Lisk D1

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