GANA Technologies, the first blockchain-based project that aims to provide optimized AI solutions to individuals and research groups in the cannabis industry, has started an ICO. The public token sale began on May 21st and will continue through July 20th, 2018.

Though it is still considered controversial by many, by this moment more than 18 countries (including Canada, Finland, Germany, Italy and Netherlands) have legalized the medical use of cannabinoids. They are used to treat such symptoms and cases as muscle spasms in patients with multiple sclerosis, loss of appetite in HIV/AIDS patients, nausea (e.g. caused by chemotherapy), insomnia, chronic pain and Crohn’s disease.

In these countries, the cannabis industry is growing exponentially, but as far as the technical aspect is concerned, it still lags behind. With the current rise of precision medicine, this market could benefit greatly from implementing modern IT solutions which work with big-data, perform in-depth analysis and provide relevant recommendations.

GANA Technologies fills the market gap by creating an ecosystem which collects and shares data from cannabis users, retailers and research institutes. There have been several other blockchain-based projects in this industry, but none of them had adopted artificial intelligence before. The AI provided by GANA can be used to conduct research, analyze vast amounts of data and help to find an appropriate treatment for the patients.

Members of the ecosystem become the indirect developers of AI – the data they provide will be used for responsible AI training. All data is collected through GANA mobile application. The user can set the desired level of disclosure: no personal data can be retrieved without his or her permission. GANA will use blockchain to record every case of data manipulation and maintain integrity, reliability, security, transparency and anonymity.

“The GANA ecosystem initially focuses on collecting data from cannabis industry, but it is open to anyone who is willing to be a part of the system,” – says Gapseong Noh, CEO of the project. “For example, a producer of digital content for mobile applications can provide content for the GANA ecosystem users. In this case, he will get useful feedback, which, in turn, can be used to improve content quality and relevance.”

GANA plans to partner with the best experts in the cannabis industry and modernize the existing system. For example, the patients will be able to preorder the prescribed treatment via GANA application and pick it up at a local dispensary. All the payments within the system will be made in GANA tokens.

The price of 1 GANA token is set at 0.00005 ETH. GANA users also get tokens as a reward for sharing their data. During ICO the project plans to collect 20,000 ETH to 60,000 ETH; the funds raised will be used for the research and development of the ecosystem. The minimum cap in public sale is 3 ETH. Early buyers get bonuses: up to 10%.

For more information on GANA Technologies ICO, please visit the official website

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