The eToro community is built by many traders. One of them is MemoBeltran, a trader who focuses primarily on cryptocurrencies in his trading. Learn more about Memo and his trading method by reading this interview. Enjoy!

Please introduce yourself briefly to our readers. Who are you? Where are you from? What do you do for a living?

Hi, I’m Memo, a computer scientist, and  internet is my passion. I’m from Mexico, and I work full time running a local family business.

Why did you start trading/investing on financial markets? How did it all begin?

I was always fascinated by the financial world, and someday I had the opportunity to take seminaries about Investing at the stock market, and that’s how it all started.. First I started investing at the Mexican stock exchange (BMV), then I started to study some Foreign markets like American stocks, Futures, commodities, Forex, Binary options and finally cryptocurrencies. Even when I didn’t focus onto something in-depth, what caught most of my attention was the cryptocurrency world.

Your portfolio is based on cryptos. As we can see, you also like to trade on Bitcoin and Ethereum. But you’re also investing on stock, and forex market. How do you pick your trades?

I try to pick my trades using different strategies, trading the news, the rumours, Technical analysis, fundamentals, and sometimes speculating in cryptos (just when I think the risk-reward is worth the trade)

Can you give us an example of one of your trades? How did you find the asset, when and why did you open the position. How did you manage it?

There are multiple ways for me to find assets, one of them is using a stock monitor to filter some indicators such as valuation indicators, then I read their fundamentals, and then I take a look at their charts in order to spot entry points. Also I like to trade stocks that people talk about because those usually get more volatile, and that is what we want as traders…

Can you call yourself a Bitcoin fan? Do you have any forecasts on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies market?

Yes, I consider myself as a fan, and I’m very optimistic about the price Bitcoin might reach in the coming years.

Can you specify? How high can Bitcoin go?

I can’t talk about any specific number.. there are people that talk about reaching 50k usd in few years.. and there are others claiming even 550k usd by the end of 2021, meanwhile I can say that 15k usd by 2019 may be totally plausible.

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Why did you pick eToro? What makes it so special that you’re trading on this particular platform?

It’s not the only platform I trade, but it is one of my favorite one, since the social part of it make it great. I also trade in few others exchanges.

You’re obviously not a great fan of social trading – others traders build your portfolio only in 0,26%. Why did you start sharing your ideas with others?

Sharing your ideas and teaching others is another way of learning, so why not doing it while I have the chance?.. Also the popular Investor program is a good way to incentive traders at the platform.

As I can see, you’re pretty bullish on US stock market. You’re long on Starbucks, Chipotle Mexican Grill or Walt Disney’s shares even though these trades doesn’t earn. You also bought Estee Luader, Michael Kors or Wal-Mart shares which strongly rallied in last few days. How long do you think this bull market will last in US? Aren’t you scared of possible correction?

Well, at the time of writing this, we’re already experiencing what could be a little pullback, and considering the VIX index and other indicators, a pullback or a medium correction is very likely, I’m not afraid of them, but I’m afraid of some bubbles that the history has showed us all, that’s where we have to be cautious, because crypto space is even more fragile than the US market itself.

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