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The Warsaw Stock Exchange will reduce Exchange Members fees on transactions on the GPW Main Market and the NewConnect ATS as of 1 November 2016. The fee reductions for brokers include a reduction of the fixed fee on an order and a reduction of the monthly fee for displaying the best bid/ask prices for retail investors.

The fee reduction is a promotion with no set end date, applicable to all broker orders executed on the Electronic Order Book and as block trades in shares, rights to shares, and ETF units. The most significant reduction concerns small orders, e.g., orders placed by retail investors and via DMA.

“Transaction fees are one of the key drivers which make markets attractive. Hence, we have decided to reduce the types of fees which are relevant to our clients – brokers, and which could boost interest in GPW’s offer and improve the competitive position of the Polish capital market. The reduction of costs of Exchange Members results from consultations with the broker community and from GPW’s pricing policy which aims to adjust the fees to client expectations, while protecting the interests of GPW shareholders and activating investor activity,” said Małgorzata Zaleska, President of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

The structure of the fee reduction results from consultations and arrangements between GPW and the Chamber of Brokerage Houses. The initiative is consistent with GPW’s earlier announcements and the company’s long-term strategy.

“The reductions of transaction fees and information service fees proposed by GPW result from discussions between the Exchange and the broker community. I am positive the reduction of transaction costs will improve the condition of the brokerage sector, which supports Polish companies raising growth capital and stimulates market activity. A strong brokerage sector could help bolster trading on GPW to the advantage of the entire capital market, especially investors. This is why the reduction of fees is a step in the right direction. We hope to continue the joint evaluation of the needs of the broker community, which could lead to further initiatives in the interest of the capital market and the Polish economy. It is important we work together for the development of the capital market,” said Waldemar Markiewicz, President of the Chamber of Brokerage Houses.

EXCHANGE FEES CHARGED TO EXCHANGE MEMBERS – operating fees on the cash market

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