Sylwester Suszek is no longer the president of BitBay. Information about planned personal castling in the management of the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Poland appeared in the media earlier. The decision is related to the change of the company’s headquarters.

As the current president, Sylwester Suszek admits, the company wanted to hire a “new, better manager”. Suszek alone “only helps BitBay, and the company’s development as such has left to experienced managers, such as the new president Paweł Sobków, a man with big experience in managing large organizations.”

Who is Paweł Sobków?

Paweł Sobków is a person well known to Polish business. In the years 2003-2006 he was the vice-president of the Roleski company. Another point of his CV is the period 2006-2008 when he was a member of the management board of Ruch. From 2011, he was the president of IZNS Iława and the vice-president of ZM Henryk Kania. In 2015, he was employed as the president of Hawe. He can also boast of being a member of many supervisory boards, eg in Bakalland or Kolmex.

Plans for future?

The company obviously does not get rid of the father of success – its founder remains in the Supervisory Board of the Stock Exchange. He also wants to concentrate on other of his businesses, including clothing brand or construction of an office building. Asked in the media if his main business will come back to Poland, he replies that it is not excluded. At the moment, however, there are no such plans.

In the recent period, BitBay is not idle. It adds new currencies, combined forces with KryptoJam. The company also announced yesterday that it will offer ECA with Neufund, an alternative to ICO.

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