BTC is becoming one of the hottest topics in the world.

It shows that interest in bitcoin is greater than many of us think. For example, we already know that part of the internet users are more interested in bitcoin than in erotic content. And this is a great achievement!

  • Bitcoin arouses more emotions on Reddit than sex content.
  • The cryptocurrency has also outwitted Jesus.
  • Unfortunately, it is still far from games and sports.

Bitcoin and sex

As we already officially know, on the Reddit platform bitcoin arouses more emotions than… sex.
Reddit is a website that enjoys a huge audience. It is used by 440 million users. The number of people who use the “r / bitcoin” subforum has increased dramatically since 2017, which cannot be said for example about “r / sex” (1 698 426 users).

The number of people who regularly visit the “r / Bitcoin” today is exactly 1 710 091. Now, this value may further increase, because since yesterday we know that PayPal has opened up to the crypto.

“Let it Be…”… B(e)tcoin?

That is not enough. Bitcoin is also more popular than the Beatles, whose subforum only tracks 118,258 subscribers.

It is not the end. The “R / Jesus” boasts 258,121 members. So if John Lennon once said that his band is bigger than Jesus, now Satoshi Nakamoto, he can boast that bitcoin is more popular than the Son of God, but also the creators of the hit “Yesterday”. At least in the Reddit world.

There is still a long way to go for bitcoin

Despite its growing popularity, bitcoin still has a very long way to go before it becomes a really topical subject. If we look at “r / Gaming” and “r / Sports” for example, we see that these topics are already being followed by an audience of many millions. This shows that in such a context – entertainment – bitcoin is still small and irrelevant.

It is worth noting, however, that in the adoption of bitcoin, for example, portals with films for adult audiences help. To look far: the Pornhub portal – our colleagues report that it is the most popular porn platform in the world – has for some time accepted bitcoin as a method of payment for its premium series services.


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