EuruFly is a global transportation network company which operates worldwide with focus on global emerging markets. A platform like EuruFly, which is also available on your mobile in the form of an app, provides its clients with the opportunity to make a quicker decision when hiring a luxury transportation service. The infrastructure also benefits the pilots greatly using the ability of the platform to directly connect with the potential clients without the involvement of an intermediary.

One of the things unique to EuruFly is the complete control that clients have over their flying experience which is personalized based on the unique needs and travel requirements. For the carriers, EuruFly delivers similar expertise, connecting aircraft and pilots to the global market while adhering to compliance and security. All this is made possible with the help of platforms strategic integration of blockchain technology, mobile technologies, and flight data communication.

EuruFly is furnishing its crucial clients with a bunch of various, interesting features which asking them in any way to barter their solace in return for the highlights. One such cutting-edge feature which EuruFly offers is the blockchain installment instrument.

One of the most developed and most interesting highlights which EuruFly offers is the component of blockchain installment instruments. We do understand that blockchain has developed so much in the past couple of years and thus we know that a lot of our important clients as well as admirers of luxury voyaging would have been using it and building a decent collection of cryptocurrency. But the issue arises when they don’t find a lot of options to utilize it directly like we do with cash. But with our specially concocted component, you will save you the opportunity to use your cryptocurrency and you can straightforwardly use your digital currency for luxury flying purposes. Which means you can book a ticket using your digital cash. You can also win flyer points every time you fly with us and can utilize it on your next venture. This is pretty much just like the coupons you get with shopping and then used when you need them.

To further develop our products, we invite you to take part in the building solution for the faster hiring of private jets, helicopter, cheaper tickets for travellers, millage points converted to monetary value & digital assets/cryptocurrencies, guarantee passenger and pilot identity data and effective aviation operations with Blockchain Technology by join our crowdfunding campaign As a private equity investor, you take advantage of this early funding stages in a Company that will disrupt the $664.4 Billion-dollar industry.


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