Cai Wensheng, Angel Investor from China and president of Meitu, the founder of the photo retouching application, achieved his goal of gathering 10,000 BTC. Cai revealed that although in January this year he had only one coin, he assumed that in the first quarter of 2018 he would increase his portfolio to 10,000. BTC.

Cai Wensheng was born in the seventies. Over the next decade, he made a fortune by investing in domain names during the online bubble. His current venture – Meitu, is a popular photo retouching tool that he claims has over 90 million active users per month. He is also an angel investor with a net worth of $1.5 Billion.

Wensheng used the lasting from the second half of December last year until February this year bearish market and systematically bought BTC and increased the value of its portfolio up to 10,000. BTC, which at the moment is equivalent to almost USD 97 million.

“In January, I only had a one-digit BTC unit, just for fun, but when I made sure that bitcoin and blockchain are the future, I set myself the goal of owning 10,000 bitcoins. After the first drop on BTC, at the end of January, I started to build my wallet. The more the price fell, the more I bought and now the mission is basically over, “commented Wensheng

Disclosure of information about owned BTC makes him one of the few large investors in China who openly admitted to own cryptocurrencies. This is also the time when Meitu intends to use blockchain technology to decentralize user data storage

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