EuruFly is a token platform providing the faster hiring of private jets and helicopters, cheaper tickets, mileage points convertible to monetary value, digital assets/cryptocurrency guaranteed passenger and pilot identity and data and streamlined aviation operations. 

The core features of the EuruFly Platform are focused on delivering Security, Scalability, and Logistics for both passengers and carriers without sacrificing a state-of-the-art user experience.

Through capitalizing on the key functionalities of today’s smartphone technologies, such as biometric authentication, geolocation, and internet connectivity alongside emerging blockchain technologies, the platform is able to deliver entirely new revenue models for the aviation industry that did not exist before.

EuruFly can provide a proof-of-travel token that unlike any other rewards system in the world, is exchangeable for other digital assets and/or cash.

For carriers, EuruFly can greatly reduce the administrative, accounting, and technological burden of managing a highly complex, centralized points system. When coupled with the other core EuruFly features, both passengers and carriers can create an entirely new market in which points are procured, distributed, arbitrated, traded, and leveraged.

In addition to creating a new asset class similar to stocks and bonds, the EuruFly token creates an entirely new economy surrounding a carrier’s flight services as well. This is because the EuruFly token opens the possibility of post-flight capitalization models; where assets agreements can freely flow between hospitality, credit, and terrestrial transport partners.

EuruFly token empowers the EuruFly membership club, where users control their travel experience and engage in luxury that produces financial leverage.

EuruFly tokens can be traded directly with other cryptocurrencies (such as BTC, ETH, and etc) after listing.


Careca A. Akarue
Tel/Whats App +2348185507100,
Telegram: @eurufly

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