Discussions are ongoing on the Merlin Group exchange rate and mysterious share price rise noted by the company before the letter of intent was published on 5 July, in which one of the oldest Polish e-commerce companies informs about starting cooperation with KryptoJam.

The cooperation, although not undertaken yet due to a 1-month period to discuss its details, will consist in introducing Merlin Group to the world of the blockchain. The objective is to create an innovative loyalty programme for the Group’s customers based on the tokenisation of customer loyalty.

However, more than the company’s entry into a new market, or rather the introduction to its current operations of a technology that was loudly known for last year’s price increases of Bitcoin, investors discuss the increases that appeared on the MRG chart before announcing cooperation with KryptoJam:

The Company shares started to increase its prices in mid-June – from the level of historical minima in the area of 0,15 PLN to the level of 0,90 PLN on the day of publishing the letter of intent. Due to the fact that the letter itself was made public after the session on the stock exchange had ended, we had to wait until Friday, 6 July, for the first reaction of the market. At that time, during one session, the company recorded an increase of 65.56% and its quotations were halted twice due to significant volatility.

Almost immediately there were allegations of insider trading, i.e. using confidential information to buy or sell securities earlier. Insider trading is a violation of both Polish and European financial law.

“In my opinion, the increase in the exchange rate is only the result of an earlier undervaluation of Merlin on the WSE resulting from its low turnover and the pushback of the exchange rate from 0,60 PLN to 0,13 PLN. A company with such a known brand and revenues of PLN 40 million, previously valued at PLN 13 million, was a very good investment opportunity,” Zaorski refutes.

Who is Rafal Zaorski?

Rafał Zaorski is an experienced businessman, investor and speculator, who has been involved in financial markets for almost 20 years. He is also one of the originators and creators of the Trading Jam Session community which, as of now, consists of nearly 25,000 members. However, he has gained great popularity and fame by revealing the details of his multi-million dollar investments and sharing profits with the people in need. He is also the founder and President of KryptoJam SA.

A bright future for KryptoJam?

According to the founder and President of KryptoJam SA, Rafał Zaorski, the company dealing among others, with the tokenisation of listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange companies is to become a leader of its industry within the next three years. Observers of the young businessman disbelieved Zaorski’s plans to spend up to one billion PLN on blockchain-related acquisitions.

There were voices in the network at once that the sum given by a well-known entrepreneur was too large and … detached from reality. As it turns out, Rafał Zaorski already has an ambitious plan, which if he succeeds will take the company to the heights.

How do we want to achieve this? Very simple.

My investment strategy:
1. Finding on the WSE, NASDAQ, XETRA and other European markets companies valued by the market below their true value according to our analyses
2. Finding competitive advantages which Blockchain technology can bring to a given company
3. commencement of share purchase so as to become one of the company’s investors and influence its operations
4. propose to the board of directors a new business model for the company based on Blockchain
5. using the know-how of KryptoJam to implement blockchain in the core business of the company
6 Creating added value for customers and increasing the company’s value for shareholders
7. Building long-term value based on increasing the company’s profitability
8. exit from investment and realisation of profit. – convinces Zaorski on his social profile.

Polish Buffet?

For many years Rafał Zaorski has been involved in restructuring companies, so the strategy he shared on his wall should not come as a surprise. However, there are still questions about its meaning or legitimacy. Millionaire refutes the allegations, explaining that he acts in exactly the same way as Warren Buffet:
-“We live in a market economy and these are normal market games 🙂 Do you think Buffet first tells you where he will enter into and then enters when it has already known to everyone? No, Buffet enters a company that is in trouble, changes its business behaviour and earns money from rising exchange rates – that is the norm. It’s surprising that people are surprised,” Zaorski concludes.


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