The Japanese investment company BLACKSTAR GROUP broadens the public understanding of digital investment platforms. Since they became actively involved in the cryptocurrency market, BLACKSTAR GROUP has been on a mission: making investment available to a much larger group of people than the limited minority it is relevant to right now. BLACKSTAR GROUP aims to create access to investment for everyone, regardless of their background or wealth. This vision lives and grows in the project SPINDLE, a platform that is designed to turn this very idea into reality and build a bridge into confident investment for individuals. What does this mean for consumers, and is it really possible that anyone can pursue pro-active investment and asset management?

For a long time, people’s lives have been heavily influenced and directed by the policies of governments and central banks. This dictate is especially ill-timed in nowadays’ fast-paced environment. A row of major crises in the past decades stirred up society; the effects of the 2008 financial crisis proved destructive on a global scale, causing millions of people around the world to lose their businesses, jobs, and savings, and see their living standards drop drastically.

While a few years back, blockchain was a term merely known to early enthusiasts and technology fanatics, the recent hype surrounding the technology has pushed blockchain and cryptocurrency to the mainstream media and the masses. Bitcoin, the number one cryptocurrency on the market as of now, revolutionized the space of financial instruments and payment methods with its disruptive properties.

Via an engineering approach, BLACKSTAR GROUP, which was founded by professionals in finance, investment banking, law, and information technology, designs the relationship between people and investment, seeking to contribute to a future where more people can actively pursue their very own definition of wealth and financial independence.

With SPINDLE, BLACKSTAR GROUP aims to construct an environment that allows users the transparent and direct interaction with and comfortable investment in cryptocurrency funds. Powered by a combination of blockchain and smart contract technologies, the platform is designed to provide utmost transparency in investment and convenience to both investors and fund managers.

Although the project will start by connecting investors with cryptocurrency hedge funds and asset managers, this is not the full scope of the platform. SPINDLE’s blockchain solution to asset management plans to also provide promising ICOs and new tokens with crowdfunding tools. As a next step in the roadmap, this will offer private investors even more opportunities to diversify their portfolio.

SPINDLE token (SPD) holders will not pay any fees or commissions when using SPINDLE’s service platform ZETA. Likewise, cryptocurrency funds will be able to join the platform free of charge. Only if a fund requires services such as legal auditing, SPINDLE will render tailored services at their request.

SPINDLE’s concept builds on the idea of creating equitable opportunities for both investment parties and allowing independent thinkers to follow their individual investment intentions without restraints. With this ambitious goal, SPINDLE seeks to give back the stage to talented economists in the space: recent financial crises resulted in fund managers being required to openly disclose their strategies, including investment innovations that can then easily be copied by competitors. When joining and operating on ZETA, fund managers will be able to decide for themselves which strategies to make public and which to keep confidential.

SPINDLE’s ICO will take place from 29 April to 15 May 2018. The maximum token issuance is set at 10,000,000,000 SPD tokens.

The distribution of the SPD tokens to the buyers’ wallets is scheduled for May 2018 and to be followed by exchange listings. Unlike a large number of ICOs that only start developing their services after completing their crowdsales, SPINDLE’s applications for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, as well as the SPINDLE wallet commenced development work in early 2018. Therefore, SPINDLE plans to release the beta version of the platform ZETA shortly after ICO.

In addition to financing the research and project launch as well as the promotion cost, SPINDLE plans to spend a part of the collected funds on the implementation of its own economic model. SPINDLE aims to buy into companies specialized in fintech, support developing cryptocurrency hedge funds, and cooperate with other businesses and digital currencies.

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