There are lots of ways for you to make money in the world. One of the quickest (although it does require lady luck to be on your side) is to pocket a major jackpot prize when gambling. There are lots of different prizes for you to win, but slot machines tend to carry the best and most rewarding of them. Therefore, let’s explore slots and their prizes right here and see how you can bag top prizes playing online slots.

Do I Have to Play High Limit Slots to Bag the Biggest Prizes?

Firstly, it is important to note that you do not necessarily have to play high limit slots to bag epic cash prizes. Conventional, even low-roller slots can pay out top prizes. Major progressive prizes worth millions of euros have been won with stakes costing as little as €0.25 in the past. In non-progressive slots, the amount you can win is fixed and proportional to your stake.

Winning a Non-Progressive Payline Prize

If you are playing a non-progressive jackpot slot, the method of bagging the top prize will largely be the same in most games. What you’ll need to do (in most cases) will be land five identical symbols on a payline (one of the lines running across the slot’s reels). Ordinarily, this will be the jackpot symbol, and you can find out which one that is via the game’s paytable.

Random Wins

Another way to win when playing slots is to do nothing at all. As baffling as this sounds, it is entirely possible. Many top slots have randomly triggered cash rewards. Here, you need to do nothing more than spin the reels and hope that lady luck decides to reward you at random with a top cash prize. If so, it will be immediately added to your balance.

Bonus Round Prizes

Prizes can also be won in a slot’s bonus round or rounds. This will typically require you to accomplish objectives in the game. Perhaps that means lining up symbols across the reels in a free spin bonus; it may involve covering reels with similar icons, removing symbols from reels, benefiting from multipliers, spinning a wheel of fortune, playing a card game, or clicking on items and objects to win prizes. The method of triggering a prize will vary from slot to slot.

The Progressive Jackpot Win

Finally, if you want to win life-changing sums of cash, you’re most likely going to need to play progressive jackpot slots. These are uncapped prizes, so they could be worth anything at all. They can be won in several ways, too. The most common way is to land jackpot symbols on a payline, as with a non-progressive slot. However, some games pay out their prizes at random. Others pay them out to a random player based on a timer, some are won via competitions and tournaments, and a handful are community jackpots, shared amongst all recent players of a game, so when one player wins, several get a slice of the action.

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