Dangerous Forex trading has caused losses for a very large number of inexperienced and undisciplined traders over the past few years. That is why you want to understand how to succeed in the Forex market, so as not to become one of the 95% losers who lose their own money. It is worth noting an interesting fact that casinos also often use Forex strategies, as they are unique and surprisingly useful in many areas. For example, a live casino online in South Africa often uses Forex tips for more stable and profitable activities.

We will look at trading tips on how to succeed in Forex, which will help you avoid trading disasters and maximize your potential in the foreign exchange trading market.

Top 10 Tips

Study Yourself & Your Capabilities.

Carefully calculate your risk tolerance according to your market needs. Simply put, you need to identify your risks and opportunities. This is what your risk management in trading will consist of.

Write a Detailed Plan of Your Goals and Don’t Back Down.

You have to become a disciplined trader. Only through discipline in trading can you be successful in the long run.

Choose Wisely the Broker You Will Work With.

The chosen broker should fully suit your wishes and your trading style. If you want to practice scalping, pay attention to brokers who have low commissions.

Choose Your Account Type and Leverage Rate.

The account type and leverage should fully meet your requirements and expectations. Don’t forget about money management.

Start Trading With Small Amounts and Gradually Increase the Amount.

If you cannot increase your account at the expense of income, then there is no point in constantly pouring funds into your account just to waste money. Of course, at the initial stage, it is an integral component of trading for beginners. But if you need to replenish your trading account for the 5th time in a row– you should think about the expediency of playing on the stock exchange.

Focus On One Currency Pair.

Increase the number of currency pairs when you improve your trading skills. Without this condition, you will not be able to earn money. Learn how to trade at least one specific currency pair.

You Must Understand Your Every Action.

Each of your trading and analytical decisions should be reasonable and rational, and not made on the basis of emotions and impulses. You need to analyze each completed transaction.

Do Not Increase the Size of a Losing Position.

A common mistake of beginners is the unjustified “topping up” of a losing position. Averaging or martingale are slippery trading strategies with a high probability of risk and are extremely contraindicated for novice players on the stock exchange with a small deposit.

Control Your Emotions.

Emotions do not just negatively affect some transactions, they destroy the entire trading system. We are all people, but when you open a trading terminal, you must strictly act according to your trading algorithm, regardless of what is happening in the market and with your open position in particular.

You Need to Keep Records.

Without a trader’s diary, you will not be able to evaluate your trading and find mistakes. You have to document each of your closed trades. The trader’s journal is an archive of your trading history, without which you will have no future.


You should not see the reason for the defeat, but the opportunity for earning. The opportunity to become a financially independent person. Everyone has been defeated, but this is an occasion to learn useful lessons and make your strategy better. If you were wrong in the past, you always have the opportunity to improve and it will not only strengthen you morally but also bring money if you correctly analyze your loss. Remember: your mistakes are your potential victories!

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